Rent A Car In Penang Or Langkawi With Big Thumb

Big Thumb Rent-A-Car Ventures is dedicated to offering the best experience possible when renting a car in Penang and on Langkawi island in Malaysia. You can find the two main offices of this company at Langkawi Mall on Langkawi Island and at Plaza Ivory in Penang.

Why Should You Rent A Car In Penang?

There is a public transit system in Penang but it is not very reliable. You cannot expect to get the same kind of bus service as you would find in a larger city. Taxi fares can really add up during your trip and you will end up saving money with a rental.

Rental a car is a more convenient option since you can easily drive around to get back and forth from your hotel and to visit different touristic attractions in the Penang area. You can rent a luxury vehicle or choose a budget-friendly option at Big Thumb Rent-A-Car depending on the kind of experience you want during your trip.

Why Should You Rent A Car In Langkawi?

The island of Langkawi is a very popular touristic destination due to its amazing landscapes and several touristic spots. Renting a car before you get to the island will help you make sure that you get to see as much of the island as possible. It will be easier to drive around the island and to see everything if you have your own transportation.

We offer very affordable car rental rates and you will be able to drive to any hotel or resort and to visit any landmark you want to see during your trip. Renting a car will end up being more affordable than paying for taxi fare anytime you want to go somewhere.

Taxis are not an ideal option since Langkawi is a popular touristic destination. There is a long line to get a axi at the airport and you will run into the same situation at most touristic landmarks. You will end up saving a lot of time if you rent a car.

Being able to drive Langkawi is really an amazing experience since you will get to truly enjoy the landscapes and scenery of the island. Besides, you will get the peace of mind of knowing that you can go anywhere on the island whenever you want to. You will also be able to keep your luggage and belongings safely locked in the car or in the trunk and won’t have to worry about theft or loss.

Find Out More About Our Vehicles And Services

High-quality Vehicles – We only rent vehicles that are five years old or more recent. We have a selection of mini-cars, mini-vans, luxury cars and sedans to meet your needs. Our trained mechanics are here to make sure that all our vehicles are in good working order and we inspect all our vehicles on a regular basis. You will not run into any problems while driving around the island in your rental car. All our vehicles are clean, properly maintained and have insurance.

Pick-up And Drop-off Service – We can pick you up or drop you off at a specified location if you book your rental in advance. We offer several pick-up and drop-off locations in Penang and in Langkawi. We can pick you up or drop you off at one of the major airports so you can plan your trip more easily.

Book Your Car Rental Online – Check the Big Thumb website to find out more about our rentals and to easily book your rental online. You can book a car and pay for the rental online. All you have to do is enter your personal information and tell us more about your schedule and where you would like to be picked up. You can complete your booking online for stress-free traveling experience.

Why Should You Rent From Big Thumb?

We founded Big Thumb Rent-A-Car mre than five years ago and have worked on improving the way we do things so that we can deliver the best experience possible. We make sure our staff receives adequate training and that our vehicles meet your expectations. We want to make sure you will receive the best service possible throughout the entire rental process.

We offer services that can be compared to what larger international car rental companies offer in the main airports around Malaysia. You can expect to get the same qualiy experience when renting one of our vehicles as you would with a major international car rental service.

We offer the most affordable car rental rates in the area. We often have promotional offers to help you save money on your trip to Malaysia. If you would like to rent a car for an entire week or a month, we can offer very interesting rates to make the rental more affordable.

We will need to see your driver’s license and your social pass before you can rent one of our vehicles. This is how we verify your identity and get your information to file a claim in case you get into an accident.

Terms And Conditions

We follow the standard insurance procedure when filing claims. The client will not be responsible for paying for the damages if the rental car is damaged in an accident. The client will only be responsible for any excess amount not covered by the insurance policy.

Clients can choose to subscribe to the CDW as a premium feature. This is a form of additional coverage that clients can get from a third party. There is a small fee for this feature, but this is a good way to cover any additional property damage that could result from an accident and that would not be covered by the basic policy.

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